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Basically, some of the TamdiWiki pages are open to the general public (by default and for viewing only) and some are restricted to the members of the project. Other restrictions may apply as well but we won't bother with them in this short memo.

There are 3 actions to which restrictions apply and their purpose is pretty obvious:

  • edit;
  • move;
  • read.

As a matter of fact, you don't have to fiddle with move (that shoul more accurately be called "rename"), just adjust edit and read. And most of the time you'll want to apply the same protection for all actions.

Entering in "protect mode"

When wiewing a page, you will notice a list of tabs on top of the window ("edit"...).

One of them says "protect". Just Click it.

Once protections have been applied, the tab will say "unprotect" but it retains the same functionality.

Editing protections

If you open this tab, you get a new window with an image excerpt shown below


You may notice that "move" and "read" widgets are blurred out. For the most basic protection application (the same protection type for all actions) just set the wanted protection in the "edit" widget and confirm.

If you wan to differentiate the protection according to actions:

  • check the "Modify actions individually" checkbox (this ;
  • set your protections for each action al gusto;
  • confirm.

Beware of cascading the protection: this may have unwanted effects if you link to a page with a different protection scheme!

Which protection levels should I use?

For "open" content the default "read" and "move" protection (all the people can read but not move the page) and setting "edit" to "TamadiWiki only" should do. All members of the TamadiWiki can fix typos, expand the material, or correct an error, which is as "wikish" as practical.

For material restricted to the TaMaDi gang, set all the protections to "TamadiWiki only". In this case, all the members of the TamadiWiki group (and only them, hopfully) may read and edit.

Final warning

MediaWiki is not designed with security as a main concern. The protection features are designed as an afterthought and implemented as an independant plugin. Do not expect bullet-proof security and remember that the material could leak out beyond of it's intended audience.

Final advice

Do not create links from the "open" to the "private" parts of the TamadiWiki. There is nothing more infuriating than seeing a link you can follow! If you do not want people see your stuff, do not tease them! Don't needlessly add insult to injury!

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