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MediaWiki has a single upload mecanism for images you want to add to your pages and other files you want your reader to upload themselves.

There is only a limited list of type of files, denoted by their extension that you can upload. This is a security feature. If you miss an important class of files, it can be added to the configuration of TamadiWiki as long as it does not create a safety issue.

Uploading a file

Just follow the "Upload file" on the left menu bar of any page. This will open a form with two main fields:

  • "Source filename" with a "Browse..." button that allows you to look through your locally attached storage devices and get the file you want to upload;
  • "Destination filename" that allows you to change the destination file name (the original one is the default).

Referencing a file

This is where things differ between images in a page and files you (possibly) want the reader to download.

To reference an image you can use a syntax such as [[Image:File.jpg]] or [[Image:File.png|alt text]].

This will load the image into your page. Sophisticated layouts can be obtained with extra parameters (see Images).

A link to a file that will be directly loaded in the reader's browser is [[Media:Submitted_project.pdf | Download the submitted project]]. Notice the "Media:" name space followed with the name of the file set at download time.

The text following the "|" sign will be displayed as the link to the file.

A full discussion on all sorts of links can be found here.

Did I already load this document?

You can get the list of all uploaded documents through:

  • left menu panel;
  • "Special pages";
  • "File list".

or directly through this link.

Protecting a file

You can protect a file in the same way you can protect a Wiki page. Just go to the desired file (see before how to go to the uploaded files list), select your file and apply the protections. Try to be coherent: do not tease your general readership with links to files their are not allowed to read.

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